Hello! My name is Austin Tasato, and I am a computer engineering student at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

My professional interests lie with more computer science topics, such as software engineering methodology and computational theory. I am looking to expand my theoretical knowledge base to better understand how to engineer and manage the software creation process. My future interest is on static analysis of programs and software engineering research.

My non-professional interests include composing music, seeing movies with friends, keeping up with the news, and other things.

Selected Remarks:

  • Currently working on my senior project, the Transpiler Project, at UH Manoa (e.g. shaka-scheme).
  • Worked on a virtual reality project with the Pacific Aviation Museum.
  • Contributed to a bioinformatics (genomics) workflow application in R with single-cell RNA sequencing data analysis
  • Presence on Stack Overflow with most activity with the c++ tag.
  • I do have a GitHub.